Organic ginger sodas from Crater Lake Soda.

Unique, full-bodied flavors delivering a whole new experience in smooth-drinking sodas.


Green Tea Ginger

The rich, deep taste of green tea backed by that classic ginger bite makes our Green Tea Ginger soda a vacation for your palette. Steeped in Eastern ingredients, this tea-infused soda is unlike any soda you’ll find on the shelves. The combination of the organic ingredients in this soda produces a flavor headed towards savory, but is balanced by the sweetness of the pure cane sugar.


Peach Ginger

Our peach accented ginger soda goes down so smoothly, you’ll be through the bottle before you even knew you opened it. Few things taste better than a ripe, juicy peach on a hot day, and when you’re pining for something to satisfy your thirst, there aren’t many drinks come as close as this smooth peach concoction. It truly is a sunny day in a bottle.


Ginger Crisp

Crisp is the key word with our new Ginger Crisp, as the apples and ginger come together in a way that brings a whole new level of refreshing to a soda. The ever-so-slight slight burn of the ginger paired with the sweet tang of the fresh Pacific Northwest apples creates a drink that tastes as good as it sounds – and feels even better going down. This one’s perfect for the table, too, as the apple and ginger are an excellent company with many meats and vegetables.

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